We are always on the hunt for talented people who have passion for desserts. This is one work which brings more satisfaction than one could imagine. We do not work as individuals, but only as a team where everyone jointly contributes to exceed customer’s expectation.

Motivated people in Third Place have the chance to grow very fast, increasing their challenges and responsibilities over a short period of time. All of our top Managers, whether they are Gelateri or Shop Managers, come from a personal internal growth in Third Place.

We have lots of talented people here at Third Place from different parts of Kerala and we are always looking for more great people to join us on the ride we are on. We are looking for the most motivated, high performing people. Wherever you come from, if you think you can add value to our small fast growing organization – that is daily confronted with the thrills and challenges of a start-up – you are more than welcome to come on board!