The Concept

An addition of snack menu in line with the concept of Third Place has always been a strong suggestion. While developing the products, main focus was given to the health aspects. From careful selection of ingredients, machines and cooking procedure are all fine tuned to get the best out the dish. Lean fat chicken breast is always used and always  grilled in a griller without any extra oil. The burger has just chicken, lettuce and an in-house sauce. Lemon in marination and other preparations aids in the absorption of iron in your body.  Made with care and light in carbs, we wish that these additions will give you more reasons to visit us often. I wish you a guilt free indulgence

  • Emy’s Cheese Omletto: Cooked in its own heat
  • Chicken N’ Cheese Omlette: A dash of cheese in Omlette
  • Messy Chicken Burger: Chicken given a sour and BBQ taste with lettuce
  • Mexican Quesadilla: Quesadilla with cicken and cheese
  • Grilled Whole chicken Sandwich: 100gm of Chicken with lettuce and cheese with a bit of Sauce
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Pieces of chicken in mayo grilled to perfection
  • Grilled Chicken with Garlic Mayo: Chicken is grilled to perfection in its own sauces and served with Garlic mayo.
  • Grilled Veg Sandwich : Onion and tomato with cheese inside a grilled portion of bread
  • Okra Roll : Grilled ladies finger rolled up